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Tongue Tie Release Laser Surgery

A tongue tie is a condition where lips and tongues are held too tight by the frenum (the ligament that attaches your lips and your tongue to your gum and jaw bone). A tongue tie can cause gum recession in between the teeth (mainly the front upper and front lower teeth). A tongue tie can impede speech (especially in children), and sometimes it keeps teeth separated, also common in children.

Many babies and newborns find it difficult to suckle if they have a tied tongue. It's a condition often seen by mothers, midwives, lactation consultants and doctors.

We are a preferred referral center for tongue tie release laser surgery. We successfully perform this procedure on babies from 2 days old right through to adults.

The traditional surgery to release frenums is quite traumatic, painful and can take a long time to heal. It involves general anaesthesia and hospital care. Laser surgery at our clinic needs none of that.

The Laser procedure to release frenums:

  • Removes the tissue precisely and painlessly, making it more comfortable
  • Involves virtually no bleeding afterward
  • No sutures
  • No GA (General Anaesthesia)
  • A baby will suckle immediately after the procedure
  • Children go to school the next day
  • Adults can go back to work the same day
  • Eating is normal within a day


"There were no injections, bleeding or stitches, and I was able to feed my baby straight afterwards in the relaxation room" - Janetta V, Auckland

"I would recommend laser surgery to any parent" - Kelly Byers, Auckland

"I would absolutely recommend any parent in the same situation, to contact Dr Hisham - you will be surprised with the success and simplicity of the whole situation. Thanks Dr Hisham!"

- Richard and Rachael Hollings

Click here to read baby Ashlyns (that's her in the photo) Mums letter to Dr. Hisham.

To find out how we can correct this problem for you or one of your family members, please call or make a booking request.


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