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2 Day Advanced Laser Courses [no courses available right now]

Advanced Laser Applications in Clinical Dentistry

This is an in-depth course on all laser types in dentistry with live patient demonstrations on dental laser procedures.   There is a special focus on advanced surgical, cosmetic, periodontal, implantology and endodontic applications. At the end of the course you will be ready to take the Dental Laser Safety Officer Examination by Dr Hisham Abdalla, and Prof L. Walsh, Queensland University.  If you have a dental laser, you will gain more insight and techniques on how to use it more efficicently and effectively.  If you don't have a dental laser and are thinking of buying one, you will be armed with all the knowledge, tips and laser safety examination to get you started and excited about this new journey in dentistry!

  1.  Experience the training that no laser company can provide
  2.  Learn from the research, experience and pitfalls of more than 12 years
  3.  Economics of laser dentistry for private / specialist practice
  4.  Understand the benefits of and apply with confidence tomorrow
  5. At the end of this course you will be ready to sit the Dental Laser Safety Exam (an extra fee of NZ$600+gst will be charged on the day for this)
  6.  NZDA CPD Credits of up to 14 hours*
  •  Laser assisted Periodontal Therapy Protocols
  •  Laser assisted Implant / Peri-implantitis Therapy
  •  Laser assisted Endodontic Protocols
  •  Laser assisted restorative Dentistry
  •  Laser assisted Prosthodontic and Cosmetic Dentistry
  •  Laser assisted Orthodontic Treatment

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 *NZDA verifies, that based on the information provided to NZDA, this activity meets the Dental Council policy requirements for CPD.  NZDA CPD verification does not imply promotion or endorsement of the contents of any course.  Attendees need to use professional judgement to assess the validity and usefullness of techniques, materials or therapeutic products to their own practice.