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Tongue Tie

A tongue tie is a condition where lips and the tongue are held too tight by the frenum (the ligament that attaches the lips and tongue to the gums and jaw bone). If left untreated, tongue tie can cause a range of teeth, speech and feeding problems.

Our laser procedure to release frenums has been successfully performed on people of all ages – from 2-day-old babies through to adults. Lasers are far gentler on the body than traditional methods that involve cutting and stitching. Advantages include:

  • It removes the tissue precisely and painlessly, making it more comfortable
  • There is almost no bleeding afterward
  • No stitches are needed
  • General anaesthesia is usually not needed
  • A baby will suckle immediately after the procedure, children can go to school the next day and adults can go back to work the same day
  • You can get back to normal eating within a day