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Professional Development

The Laser LifeCARE Institute is a professional development and education center. We run regular training workshops for our team and courses for dental & health professionals from all over the world. Recent seminar topics have included emerging dental health techniques and technologies, laser technology and CEREC training. Our conference room and dental suites can be hired for seminars and training.

Please contact us for more information. To view upcoming courses please select your topic from the left menu.

Professional Testimonials

"Visiting Hisham Abdalla's Practice is a step into the future of Dentistry. Learning how he uses lasers and the tips about lasers was invaluable.  Hisham has a true passion for excellence".

Dr. Hafiz Jutha, BDS
Coffs Harbour, AUSTRALIA

"I enjoyed the Laser course last Friday. It was very stimulating and practical, it left me very excited about incorporating a laser into my periodontal practice.
You have a gift for combining science and practical applications in a way that is easy to comprehend and integrate, as well as keeping participants interested and entertained. Your passion for the practice of high quality dentistry is obvious; your generosity and joy of sharing your knowledge and experience is apparent.

Your preparation for the Laser Safety Certification Examination was excellent. I found that segment of the course extremely helpful and informative. Your guidance with the printed notes, which would have been totally overwhelming if I was reading them on my own, helped me answer the questions with confidence. In fact the preparation for and then the completion of the examination solidified my grasp of lasers.

Dr Aniko Ball

"Hisham's knowledge & clinical expertise is shared enthusiastically by presenting in a participative way. The observation of real-time cases through the microscope live feed brings the clinical relevance of the theory to the fore. There is plenty of time to discuss issues from equipment engineering through to finance. The applications and advantages of lasers to both clinician and patient are easily understood and appreciated. It is a very worthwhile experience."

Dr Ray Abel
Auckland, NZ

I went to the Laser Lifecare Institute to learn about using lasers in dentistry but came back with a whole new paradigm regarding the treatment of caries and periodontal disease. Hisham's philosophies were eye-opening yet make so much sense. He explained why achieving health doesn't just involve placing a nice restoration or doing root planing as we are so used to doing. These infections need frequent, repeated attention and Hisham has done the research and found the unique products that will help fight these diseases. He showed me how the latest technology combined with innovative management backed by scientific research can help us achieve health. I now understand why a multifaceted approach is necessary to improve the prognosis and maximise the chance of success. I highly recommend Hisham's laser course and look forward to hearing him speak on other topics in the future. “

Dr Jason Pang BDS (USyd), BSc (Biomed Sci Uni Medal, Hons),
Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia

"Wow what a fantastic evening. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and enlightening us last night. I can say for all of us that we enjoyed the evening so much. So get on to organizing the next course, I am ready to sign up"

Nicole Smith
N.S.Chairperson - NZ Dental Hygienists Association

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Lasersmile Health Files

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Lasersmile Health Files

Read Hisham's Blog »