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Dr Hisham Abdalla

Dr Hisham Abdalla

Laser and Cosmetic Dental Surgeon
Laser LifeCARE CEO

Dr. Hisham Abdalla, first laser cosmetic dentist in New Zealand Dr. Hisham is the vision and heart of the Institute.  He is our founder and CEO.

Dr Hisham Abdalla is the first multiple laser dentist in New Zealand and one of the first in Australasia to teach and evolve this technology to enhance dentistry.

Dr Abdalla is an invited Associate Professor at Cagliari University in Sardinia, Italy and an affiliate member of the American Dental Association. He is an internationally respected speaker, author and educator in the fields of Laser dentistry, Minimally Invasive, High-tech dentistry and Cosmetic dentistry.

Dentists, Specialists, Professors and colleagues travel from the USA, UK, Australia and all over New Zealand to attend seminars and live trainings by Hisham at our state-of-the-art facitlity. Many have returned to have their own treatment done by him.

Hisham is known for his pioneering ideas, strong motivation and passion for research and knowledge.  He's been nominated by his colleagues at the Auckland Dental Association for NZDA Young Dentist of the Year in 2005. In 2006 he represented New Zealand as a finalist at the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons Young Lecturer of  the Year Award - a prestigious international award.  Other recognitions include a Fellowship and Diplomat status from the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry.  He served as a past Directors Board member of the organization in the USA.

Hisham is a founding member of the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, founding member and past Vice President of the NZ Institute of Minimal Intervention Dentistry, Fellow of the World Clinical Laser Institute and member of the Auckland and New Zealand Dental Associations.

Hisham is an international citizen who has chosen Auckland to be home. The father of one says:

“This is my passion; serving people, research, up-skilling every day and always challenging myself to become the best I can be. An exceptional dentist is an artist, a physician, a scientist and a skilled human behavior moderator.  He or she is passionate about people, not their individual parts.”

One of his punch lines at his courses to other dentists and health professionals is:

"A true healthcare physician is one who empowers others to look after themselves".

Hisham graduated with honors from Charles University in Prague with a Medical University Doctor of Stomatology (dentistry).

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