Laser Smile


Case study: Alison’s story

When I got into my forties I decided to get something done about straightening my teeth. However, I put it off because every dentist I spoke with recommended pricey Invisalign without giving me any other options.

My sister and niece both recommended Laser LifeCARE based on their own experiences. Laser LifeCARE's no-obligation consultation appealed, so I made an appointment. 

The examination was thorough and I appreciated Dr Abdalla and Dr Alfonso giving me information in a way that was easy to understand, and made me feel comfortable, about possible options and outcomes.  Investing in orthodontic work is a big decision and it was good to be given the time to think about it and not feel pressured. 

In the end, I opted for braces and found my dealings with the team to be very positive throughout the entire 18-month process.

Laser LifeCARE’s atmosphere is contemporary and welcoming. I liked their use of state-of-the-art technology and dental practises. They struck the perfect balance between professionalism and friendliness. I was looked after by Dr Alfonso and Jamie, who not only have great skills but also clearly enjoy what they do. This really inspired trust and confidence.

Since the braces came off I have been getting lots of compliments about my new ‘younger’ look and beautiful smile. I'm so pleased with the result and overall treatment I received that I'm choosing Laser LifeCARE for my daughter’s dental care too.


Mt Eden, Auckland

Case Study: Sarah's story

It turned into family fun when my two daughters and I all had orthodontic work done at Laser LifeCARE. 

My youngest daughter had large gaps between her front teeth and an overbite.  She also had a clicky jaw that gave her headaches. I was surprised when Dr Alfonso commented on how she always tilted her head one way.  I'd never noticed that before yet when I looked back at photos of her, sure enough her head was tilting in all of them! 

She initially wore top and bottom plates at night then went on to have braces once her jaws had been widened and her adult teeth had come through.  These days she has beautiful teeth. What's more, the clicky jaw and headaches have gone - and she no longer tilts her head!

My oldest daughter wore braces to correct an overbite.  She loves her teeth now and it has made her much more confident.

My teeth had been really crooked, so I had top and bottom braces to fix them.  Dr Alfonso did an amazing job and I'm really pleased with the result. 

It seems funny but the kids and I found ourselves looking forward to going to the dentist!  Dr Alfonso was great with the girls.  He was so friendly and patient, and made it fun.

It was such a positive experience for all of us.

Sarah Brooking

Mt Albert, Auckland

Case Study: Janette's story

Years ago, I caught a super-bug.  It resulted in me becoming so allergic to anaesthetic that even a small amount could kill me.  

Like most older New Zealanders, my childhood experiences at the dentist were so painful that they left me absolutely terrified of having dental work done.  Once I became allergic to anaesthetic, I resigned myself to having to put up with whatever dental problems came my way because there was no way I could even consider having anything done without pain relief.

Avoiding the issue worked until I broke a tooth.  It was cutting my tongue and I had to do something about it, so I Googled my problem and found a reference to Laser LifeCARE's laser dentistry. 

Discovering laser dentistry has been like a miracle for me.  There's no injection, no anaesthetic and no pain – not even a tiny bit.  Over the years I have had three crowns done using laser dentistry at Laser LifeCARE and it has been such a pleasant experience that I now actually forward to going to the dentist. 

I never thought that I'd be able to say that my childhood dentistry fears have completely disappeared, but they have! 

Janette Miller


Case study: Anna's story

My childhood experiences at the school dentist were incredibly painful because they didn't use anaesthetic.  I was so scared that I would keep away from the part of the playground where the dental clinic was so that I wouldn't have to look at it.

Those feelings stayed with me into adulthood.  I hate the sound of the drill and everything about the process, even when I have anaesthetic. 

I needed a couple of crowns and was putting it off until I discovered Laser LifeCARE's sedation dentistry service.  I liked the idea of not being aware of what was going on in my mouth, but I was a bit nervous about what would happen if I needed to go to the toilet during the procedure or if there was a fire evacuation.

The sedation process was easy.  All I had to do was take some tablets and relax in an ante-room until the medication took effect.  That took about 20 minutes then the next thing I remember was being woken up and asked to walk into the dental surgery.

I vaguely remember work beginning before I fell asleep.  I work up briefly in the middle and asked a question about something, then dropped off again until it was all over.  It's funny, because you're able to function fully if you want to but otherwise you just fall asleep and wake up feeling relaxed and very well rested! 

I would most definitely take this option again in the future.


Mt Albert, Auckland

Hisham, I don't think I have walked out of a course so excited for a looonnngg time. I don't need to tell you the mindshift I have just been shown. So thanks Very, very much for the "sharing"! Maybe I can return the favour & show you…”

Dr Malcolm Cooke

Sydney, Australia 2011

Wow what a fantastic evening. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and enlightening us last night. I can say for all of us that we enjoyed the evening so much. So get on to organizing the next course, I am ready to sign up"

Nicole Smith

N.S.Chairperson - NZ Dental Hygienists Association 2008

I went to the Laser Lifecare Institute to learn about using lasers in dentistry but came back with a whole new paradigm regarding the treatment of caries and periodontal disease. Hisham's philosophies were eye-opening yet make so much sense. He explained why achieving health doesn't just involve placing a nice restoration or doing root planing as we are so used to doing. These infections need frequent, repeated attention and Hisham has done the research and found the unique products that will help fight these diseases. He showed me how the latest technology combined with innovative management backed by scientific research can help us achieve health. I now understand why a multifaceted approach is necessary to improve the prognosis and maximise the chance of success. I highly recommend Hisham's laser course and look forward to hearing him speak on other topics in the future. “

Dr Jason Pang BDS (USyd), BSc (Biomed Sci Uni Medal, Hons),

Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia 2008

Hi Hisham Hope that you are well. Our sincere thanks for your time, knowledge and enthusiasm that was imparted to all who attended @Sanctuary House. I'm positive that many would have considered what you shared with us and would in turn share this experience with their colleagues and clients We look forward to continuing our association with you"

Caron Thorne

NZDHA Auckland Branch 21.04.2009

Hello Hisham, On behalf of the NZDHA, I would like to sincerely thank you for attending our Conference in Christchurch last weekend. It was a pleasure to meet you and hear what your work involves. We had some great feedback from our delegates regarding your presentations, which were both informative and interesting. I believe that we are all interested to hear about new ideas in dentistry and the more exposure we get regarding new techniques, the better we can inform our patients. It was great that you were available to answer so many personal queries from delegates individually and I appreciate the time you took to do this. I would be happy to pass on the PDF on your presentation to our members, if you are able to send it to me via this email address at your convenience. Thank you again for making your presentation interesting and humorous, I think that our delegates would happily have gone on listening all day! I hope that you will be happy to present again at one of our future Conferences.


NZDHA Conference Coordinator, July 2010

Visiting Hisham Abdalla's practice is a step into the future of Dentistry. Learning how he uses lasers and the tips about lasers was invaluable. Hisham has a true passion for excellence".

Dr. Hafiz Jutha, BDS

Coffs Harbour, AUSTRALIA

Hisham's knowledge & clinical expertise is shared enthusiastically by presenting in a participative way. The observation of real-time cases through the microscope live feed brings the clinical relevance of the theory to the fore. There is plenty of time to discuss issues from equipment engineering through to finance. The applications and advantages of lasers to both clinician and patient are easily understood and appreciated. It is a very worthwhile experience."

Dr Ray Abel, BDS

Auckland, NZ

Being a dentist myself, I wouldn't trust just anyone with my mouth. Hisham's attention to detail, disarming humour, commitment to professional development, and passion for minimally invasive dentistry puts him head and shoulders above others in our field. I'm very fortunate to call him my dentist!”

Dr A. Cohen


Firstly, I'd just like to say having been at your lecture (Biofilm) today, I thought it was absolutely fantastic, informative and certainly eye-opening! I would also like to commend you on all the success you have achieved at your young age.

The point of my email, is simply to thank you in a huge way. Your passion and knowledge in dentistry is evident through your presentation and has inspired me to further develop my scope of practice, in pursuit of achieving more from what I love. This has been an idea that I have thought over for a long time, and have finally seen what I needed to make it a reality. So again, thank you. It shows that sometimes the smallest and perhaps irrelevant things a person does such as a lecture about biofilm, can spark a change in someone elses life. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors, and perhaps one day we will work alongside each other as colleagues."

Dr. H.K.

Auckland, NZ

On behalf of the NZCAM organising committee I am writing to thank you for presenting at the NZ College for Appearance Medicine (NZCAM) Conference, held in Queenstown recently.

The conference was very successful and the feedback from the participants has been excellent with many commenting that the conference was one of the best they have attended. We were delighted with the quality of the presentations and calibre of the speakers, so I thank you for being a part of this success.

I do hope you enjoyed the experience and were able to have some free time in Queenstown as the weather was certainly favourable during your visit. Once again, many thanks for your contribution towards the success of this conference.

Anna-Maree Burns

Event Coordinator Conference Innovators

I am writing to support the nomination of Hisham Abdalla for the Outstanding Young Dentist Award from the NZDA. I have known Dr. Abdalla since May 2009, when we presented a joint lecture and hands on continuing education program to dentists and periodontists on advanced laser applications in dentistry. I have found Hisham to be well-rounded individual, who is highly regarded by his colleagues and patients.

Hisham is a sophisticated clinician, who has embraced the newest technologies in dentistry and has worked hard to introduce these advances to the wider dental community, not only in New Zealand, but overseas as well. From my experience as a periodontist and as an educator, I consider Hisham to be a valuable asset to our dental community. I give my full support for to Hisham’s nomination for this award.

Dr Jonathan Leichter DMD

Senior Lecturer Specialist Periodontist Department of Oral Scien

It is with my utmost pleasure I recommend Dr Hisham Abdalla for the award of the NZDA Outstanding Young Dentist of the year. I have known Hisham for more than 6 years at a professional level and as friend for four years.

Hisham has outstanding personal qualities to make him an honest, helpful, caring and understanding person. Being able to see the quality of his clinical work over the last six years, Hisham manages to keep his excellent standards of patient care. He is also very well respected and admired by all the mutual patients we had over the years.

With all his passion to accumulate more knowledge and skills, I think Dr Abdalla is a leading example for all young dentists who would like to follow his pace.

Hani Naoum

Endodontist BDS MDS

With regard to Dr Hisham Abdalla and the Outstanding Young Dentist of the year award.

I have known Hisham for several years now and he first came to my attention when he gave a presentation to the Auckland Dental Assoc at the old St. Marks Rd NZDA house. This presentation featured the use of lasers in helping to establish better gingival margins for anterior porcelain cosmetic cases. I remember thinking that this young dentist not only was doing excellent clinical work at a young age but was willing to share his knowledge with other dentists and would go far in our profession and this is exactly was has transpired in the intervening years.

Hisham has become the foremost expert in New Zealand on the use of dental lasers and so much so that he is in demand as a international speaker now and regular speaks to large meetings in Europe, Asia, Australia, USA, Dubai and of course New Zealand. Many dentists have commented to me on Hisham ’s passion for dentistry and even more so on his willingness to share his knowledge on a informal basis to any dentist that calls him or merely drops in to his practice. Hisham has been an executive member of the NZ Minimal Intervention Society and is nominated to the executive of the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry with the elections pending on 17/6/11.

Dr Abdalla in the years I have known him has shown leadership beyond his chronological age and I feel that this combined with his passion and willingness to put others before himself makes him a natural choice for young dentist of the year award.

Thank you

Dr D.A.Lovrich

Being a dentist myself, I wouldn't trust just anyone with my mouth. Hisham's attention to detail, disarming humour, commitment to professional development, and passion for minimally invasive dentistry puts him head and shoulders above others in our field. I'm very fortunate to call him my dentist!”

Dr A. Cohen


Visiting Hisham's practice is a step into the future of dentistry. Learning how he uses lasers was invaluable. Hisham has a true passion for excellence."

Dr Hafiz Jutha, BDS

Coffs Harbour, Australia