Laser Smile

New Guest Consultation

This one-hour consultation will provide a complete diagnosis of your mouth, teeth and gum condition as well as the aesthetics of your face and smile. During the session, your dentist will discuss any oral health or aesthetic concerns that you have and explain the options available to you.

Your oral health consultation includes:

  • Oral cancer screening
  • Facial and smile aesthetics assessment
  • Orthodontic assessment
  • Gum and bone health diagnosis
  • Functional analysis of your jaw joints
  • Teeth examination to find any existing or potential problems
  • Health risk analysis for prevention of new decay and gum disease

During this assessment we will take the following images:

  • A panoramic scan of your mouth
  • Digital pictures of your face, mouth and smile
  • Digital x-rays of your teeth and bone
  • A saliva test (to establish the level of bacteria in your mouth)

We will also cast models of your teeth if you require an extensive dental makeover.

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