Laser Smile

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First hand training from 13 years experience - successes and pitfalls - of using lasers in dentistry. Dr Hisham's relaxed but very informative approach to delivering valuable knowledge is exceptional and you will leave wanting to use your laser immediately! Learn the economics of laser dentistry in private and specialist practice, as well as all clinical applications to give you a new lease of life in your practice.  Understand the benefits and apply the techniques tomorrow.

'Hisham I have not walked out of a course so excited for a long time. I don't need to tell you the mind-shift I have just been shown. Thanks very much for sharing. I have both lasers (Diode and Erbium) going now. They have really improved my patient care, healing is exceptional.  My first one appointment Perio patient was back today as per your protocol, NEEDING NO FURTHER TREATMENT!  My Hygienists are squealing with excitement and I'm like a kid with a new toy!" Dr Malcolm Cooke, Sydney.

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