Laser Smile

General Dentistry

Saving you time, pain and money lies at the heart of everything that we do. Our focus on seeking health rather than fighting disease means we specialise in minimally-invasive and gentle dentistry that aims to detect tooth decay and gum disease as early as possible, treat it painlessly and effectively with advanced laser technology and help to manage risk factors so you maintain good oral health long-term.  Our general dentistry services include: fillings, amalgam filling removal, crowns and onlays, and gum disease treatment.

If you feel anxious about having dental work done then you’re not alone! That’s why we offer sedation dentistry – the perfect solution for longer or more complex treatments…or if you simply hate the sound of the drill!


Not all fillings are created equal.  Although many authorities still claim amalgam fillings are safe, we never use it. Instead we use composite fillings (tooth-coloured materials), which are excellent for medium-sized cavities and can last decades. Teeth that are heavily filled with amalgam or other materials may be impossible to fill because so little of the original tooth structure is left or the tooth is deeply cracked. In these cases, we recommend porcelain or gold onlays or crowns.

We lead the way in dental laser practices so where possible we use lasers rather than drilling. This is because laser dentistry is the ideal way of preserving and protecting your tooth with as little discomfort as possible and in a way that will aid rapid healing.  


Amalgam removal needs to be done safely and carefully to prevent the debris being swallowed, which is why we take great care to isolate the removed material by using high volume suction and fitting a rubber dam around the tooth.

Our disposal methods are also environmentally safe, thanks to a unique suction system that separates 99% of the mercury amalgam residue before it goes down the drain. This residue gets trapped in a special safe filter that is sent to Austria for recycling.

We take care of everything from one-off fillings, through to full amalgam filling replacement. This can be done in several sessions or in one go, where sedation dentistry is the ideal option. Simply relax and sleep through the entire procedure, waking up to a beautiful amalgam-free mouth.


Crowns and onlays are used to reconstruct a tooth when half or more of it is broken or filled.

Whenever possible we use pure porcelain (CEREC 3D or zirconia) to make crowns and onlays because it is the most bio-compatible and aesthetic material available that looks, feels and is as strong as a real tooth. Sometimes gold, which is very bio-compatible and strong, is used in situations where porcelain is not suitable.

Onlays are a partial crown that maximises the amount of original tooth structure that is kept intact. It is more complex for the dentist to prepare, manufacture and bond than is the case with a full crown, but we recommend onlays where possible because it is the more minimally invasive option for you.

Contact us for a no-obligations discussion on how crowns and onlays can help to transform your smile.


Gum and bone disease (called periodontal disease) is a common infection that causes bad breath, sore gums, receding gums and bone, and unstable teeth. What’s more, gum disease’s bacterial toxins can damage your heart, increase your risk of stroke and (if pregnant) result in premature delivery.

Minor gum infections can be treated by ultrasonic and ozone cleaning with our hygienist. Moderate to serious cases benefit from  treatment, a minimally invasive and effective way of improving oral health because it:

  • is less invasive than traditionally used therapies and involves no cutting or stitches
  • is virtually painless and causes no swelling
  • removes infection and bacteria like no other method can
  • heals faster, meaning less discomfort and no need to take time off work