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Australian Association for Laser Dentistry 2011 Conference on the Ghan

2011 AALD Laser Conference - A Dental Conference Across Spectacular Australian Landscapes

Prof Laurie Walsh, Dr H Abdalla, Dr D Cox, Dr A. Broestek and more inspiring speakers.

The Ghan railway through the red centre of Australia becomes a once-in-a-lifetime conference venue for the 2011 AALD Conference. Over five days and 3000 kilometers this will be a dental conference that is truly different to anything you have experienced before. Unprecedented Interaction Between Delegates and Speakers, the unique nature of this conference will allow delegates to engage with world-leading laser dentistry experts in a far more interactive format than any other dentistry conference would allow. As a delegate you will be able to draw much greater knowledge and benefits from this conference than would normally be possible.

Join us and world-leaders in the field of laser dentistry for an experience of a lifetime.

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