Laser Smile

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to bring back the sparkle to your smile.

Although there are many different types of teeth whitening systems, we only use non-acidic products in order to avoid damaging teeth. Unlike many other dentists, we avoid using ultra-violet lights or heat lamps because of the risk of burns to lips and gums and increased teeth sensitivity. Our teeth whitening system does more than simply whiten teeth; it also makes teeth stronger, healthier and more resistant to decay and gum disease.

There are two teeth whitening options:

In-clinic: Ozonated water and peroxide based gel are activated with a cool blue light to rapidly whiten teeth and kill germs without damaging them in the process.

Despite what some advertisers claim, no system can whiten teeth in one hour only. Best results are achieved by following the in-clinic session with whitening at home for 3-5 days afterwards.

Take-home tooth whitening kit: Our professionally developed tooth whitening kit is simple and easy to use at home over a two-week period, or for a shorter time if used in conjunction with an in-clinic session.